Hunter Barnes – Outside of Life

Hunter Barnes – Outside of Life (September 2019)

Hunter Barnes is a photographer who focuses his artistic gaze on the faces of people that are consistently misrepresented in the modern American narrative. 

In 2003, Barnes spent a year travelling the USA, documenting individuals on the fringe of society who he met along the way, including lowriders, bikers, Bloods and California State Prison inmates. In time, Barnes gained their trust and understanding, which lead to acceptance into these communities. Living with a motorcycle club in New York, Hunter also rode through the deserts of New Mexico with lowrider car clubs, was accepted by Bloods in East St. Louis, and was granted access to California’s maximum-security prison system, the first photographer to be permitted to shoot inside its walls. Outside of Life collects Barnes' images of that year.


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‘Stunning black and white photos of pure Americana – Hunter Barnes has devoted his life to documenting American subcultures.’ Esquire USA